Women entrepreneurs push for friendly policies

THE government has been advised to advocate for policies and regulatory rules aimed at empowering women entrepreneurs so that they can formalize their businesses and expand market base.

The advice was given on Wednesday by Lindam Group Managing Director, Ms Zuhura Muro during a training of women entrepreneurs in agri-business for more value addition and improving their products and economic wellbeing.

Under the projects dubbed ‘Waendeleze wanawake katika kilimo biashara na uzalishaji’ supported by Holland, Ms Muro said 15-women entrepreneurs have been picked to attend the programme.

The women from Mbarali, Karagwe, Mwanza, Dodoma, Njombe, Arusha and Coast regions are engaging in agricultural business products such as soap, sausage, milk, cooking oil and poultry products, thus the projects equip them with skills to cater for value addition.

Ms Muro said the entrepreneurs are also equipped with self-confidence and technical skills as well as bring them together with experts and those who have succeeded in such ventures for lessons and exposure.

“We want them to be efficient in their business for increased production and take the challenges as an opportunity to prosper” she said.

Unlike in the past, she said, currently, the government has taken up a number of initiatives to create enabling business environment especially by addressing bureaucracy in registration and certification of products.

She commended the government and its institutions which have been at the forefront to ensure the entrepreneurs products penetrates foreign markets calling for proper utilisation of the East Africa market.

Ms Muro also thanked President Samia Suluhu Hassan on her push for women economic rights, with special recognition in lowering the loans interest  rates at banks, so that those engaging in agri-business excel.

Ms Pili Makunenge, a palm oil soap manufacturer, said through the training, she has improved her business, attained the skills and contacts, which have transformed the production and attained customer satisfaction.

“My business has grown; I am not importing raw material due to increased market demand and I have a number of orders both from within and outside markets, simply because the soaps I produce are of high quality and standards” said Ms Makunenge

For her part, Joyce Mmari, manufacturer of spices and grain products, said she now reaches customers through the use of agents or dealers, thus a good marketing strategy compared to previous where she was spending high cost to reach the consumers.

Now they line up to meet policy makers and other key stakeholders to see how best they can come up with solutions on challenges facing the entrepreneurs for the best practice.

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