Why Taifa Gas introduced price discount to varsity students

TANZANIA: THE clean cooking agenda in Tanzania began in 2022 and gained significant momentum last year when President Samia Suluhu Hassan launched the African Women’s Clean Cooking Support Programme at COP28. The initiative positions clean cooking as a pan-African priority.

To reinforce this, in May this year, the government secured 3.4 million British pounds (approximately 11.16bn/-) from the United Kingdom to support its National Clean Cooking Strategy (2024–2034).

Flashing back, the significant funding was announced by the Minister of State for the Office of the Vice-President (Union and Environment), Selemani Jafo, during a press briefing at the State House in Dar es Salaam, noting that the funds, part of a broader commitment made at the Summit on Clean Cooking in Africa, are designated to aid the implementation of Tanzania’s strategy by providing people with clean cooking solutions.

He added that the strategy requires a total of 1.8 billion US dollars (4.6tri/- ) over the next decade to achieve its objectives.

On this, entrepreneurial opportunities in clean cooking energy, small loans, user-friendly technologies, education, and support will actively and efficiently support the country’s energy transition initiative.

With practice, Taifa Gas Limited recently launched a special programme that offers price discounts to university students purchasing gas cylinders.

Colloquially known as “cylinder gas”, LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is a source of energy used for cooking, heating and lightning. The initiative is part of the company’s efforts to support the government’s goal of ensuring that 80 pc of the population uses clean cooking energy by 2034.

The launch in Kinondoni District, Dar es Salaam coincided with the opening of a store to serve students as ambassadors of the campaign. To mark the occasion, 300 gas cylinders were distributed free of charge to students and local residents to generate enthusiasm for the programme.

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The event was presided over by Kinondoni District Commissioner, Mr. Saad Mtambule, and attended by representatives from various universities, including the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), the Statistical College, the Ardhi University.

In his remarks, DC Mtambule said that the campaign aligns well with the government’s efforts to ensure citizens, including various groups, can easily access clean energy.

“It is a great comfort for us as a government to see that while we continue to work towards achieving the strategy of achieving clean energy by 2034, stakeholders like Taifa Gas have already started devising various social and marketing strategies that will help us as a nation achieve this goal,” he said.

Elaborating, Mr. Joseph Nzumbi, the Sales Manager of Taifa Gas, representing the company’s General Manager, Mr. Devis Deogratius, said it’s an opportunity for the students to exploit as ambassadors of the campaign.

Explaining the details of the program, Mr. Nzumbi, revealed the substantial discounts available to university students with valid identification cards.

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“For instance, a 6kg gas cylinder, which typically costs 23,000-, will be sold to students for only 20,000/- through this initiative. Similarly, a 15kg cylinder, usually priced at 55,000/-, can be refilled for 50,000/’, he added.

“Taifa Gas is committed to ensuring every Tanzanian who wishes to use clean gas energy has the opportunity to do so,” said Mr. Nzumbi, conveying a message from the company’s General Manager, Mr. Devis Deogratius.

“We are developing various strategies to cater to the unique needs of different social groups, and the discounted pricing for university students is a testament to our dedication.”

Stakeholders and beneficiaries alike praised the program, recognizing its profound impact on the lives of university students.

Mr. Wenslaus Richard, the Assistant Dean from the University of Dar es Salaam, summed up the sentiment: “Students are a group that has not yet started generating their own income, so they are very careful about the prices of the products they use, especially those who cook in their own places. The arrival of this programme of discounted gas cylinder prices from Taifa Gas will be a lifesaver for them to be able to save their money.”

The launch event also included educational sessions on the proper and safe use of gas cylinders, ensuring that the beneficiaries are equipped with the necessary knowledge to maximize the benefits of this transformative initiative.

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