Why concerted efforts necessary to rescue boys from immoral acts

I MUST start by admitting there is a place where we are doing it right in upbringing a boy child, preparing them to be responsible men, father and husbands to lead families and society.

This is causing the society to plunge into immorality turmoil. The question of moral decay in the society is lingering, not only in our minds but also witnessing daily misconduct taking place in society.

At first one cannot easily believe if said it of the vices are perpetrated by boys ad later men.

Misconducts that can be said to be common and getting deep rooted ranges from what we see in streets like reckless driving on roads, no obedience to traffic rules, armed robbery, and abusive languages vomited careless mouths to domestic violence.

Marriages are averagely at their deathbeds while domestic violence in our communities like fighting, mostly beating up women, children, rapes and vandalizing of household properties are pervasive and it is not an exaggeration to refer to them as becoming the song of the day.

Most of these kinds of the vices continues to subdue our society are largely committed by boys who are supposedly growing to become men, while women remain at the position of paying the price of being main victims of the repercussions whatsoever.

Giving an instance, the routinely reported cases of gang robbery in Dar es Salaam city nicknamed panya road incidences have been perpetrated by boy teenagers, wreaking pandemonium on Tanzania’s commercial city dwellers. None of them is a girl or women have been reported to be involved.

On the other hand, statistics from the traffic police shows that most of the deadly road accidents on our roads are mainly caused by men, while victims are mostly youths, boys in particular, aged between the years of 5 to 30.

In our families it is now like a new norm where women are being beaten up and humiliated towards injuring their body parts if not taking away their lives by furious and homogeneously stubborn boys and men in the society.

This raises the question where the society has not been doing it right in upbringing of sons to becoming competent and mannered boy children and later responsible men to tend out families, our community and later our nation, by embracing values.

Yes, there are a number of activists and organizations advocating for the rights, happiness and moral upbringing of girl children. This is not being so in our society only, but also globally, a move where it is the fact that girls can on average be said to be doing better compared to boys.

This is in all aspects of life including education, social, economic and cultural places Preaching in Sunday service, the pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT), Wilbroad Mastai called for the need of concerted efforts to rescue boys from immoral acts influenced by uncontrolled smartphone and internet usage.

“We must be awake, youths, boys especially, are soaked in watching immoral content using smartphones. This has led them astray into indulgence in drunkenness, laziness and pornography and they don’t go to church anymore,” said Mastai as he preached his church’s congregants at Kimara Parish recently.

The man of God was dissatisfied and disturbed to learn that even his church members’ children are trapped by the devil into such darkness where he warned of quicker intervention to rescue future generations and leaders of the church and those of the nation.

He beseeched his church’s faithful to pray hard while playing their part to overcome evil acts among youths, especially boys who are trapped into laziness liars, fornicators, drunkards and homosexuality.

According to Pastor Mastai, Already boy children are becoming a rare species in our times as few of them are being born compared to girls, while many depravities committed by the boy child are alarming as the cause most of them to be exterminated by diseases, accidents and other violence.

This leads to having challenges in raising strong and balanced families which are the future church leaders and national at large.

“Boys are trapped into the devils works and subdued by his actions where they fail to stay in their position of being husband, father and hence caretaker per God’s plan since times of creation.,” says the man of God He cites the good book which says that the man was created first and his is the one to have the vision of leading his house as it its written in the book that ‘For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior’ (Ephesian 5:23) Instead, the pastor says, boys have turned into womanizers, causing unplanned pregnancy and betraying children who grow up without fathers around and hence lead to the frustrated society that is not good for the church or the national thriving.

Most of the modern men, according to Pastor Mastai, are spending most of their time in bars, casinos, streets while doing nothing at all and become dependent on women, whom they lastly put into troubles of beating or conning in the long run.

He is worried to the extent of men and boys who use church time to conduct activities like marathons while parents actually did not know what to do to these incorrigible children who are supposedly gifts of theirs from the unseen big man in the upstairs there.

“I swear, as long as we pray, this is the end and I repeat here that enough is enough, the devil will have to vomit the boy child who is needed to establish and care for the family. We will pray unceasingly until God is glorified through boy child,” he vowed before his alter The book titled; Sovereignty: The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Men authored by Ryan Michler defines on how most of men in contemporary lost their sovereignty through relinquishing their basic responsibilities which are meant through creation.

The author starts by defining a sovereign man as the one man who has battled for and reclaimed his sovereignty is a man who has decided to take ownership of his life and everything in it.

This man recognizes that, although the world would have him believe otherwise, he has certain responsibilities.

The only way to fully fulfil those responsibilities is to be the master of his life. He goes on to direct that a sovereign man protects himself, his loved ones, and those who cannot protect themselves.

He provides—not just financially, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as well. He presides in that he leads himself, his family, and his community

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