Uhuru Torch to inspect 93.4bn/- worth projects in Dar

A total of 32 development projects worth 93.4bn/- will be inspected during the Uhuru Torch race in Dar es Salaam.

The Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner, Mr Albert Chalamila said this on Wednesday when receiving the Uhuru Torch from the Coast Regional Commissioner Abubakar Kunenge at Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (TAZARA) grounds in the city.

The RC said the Uhuru Torch race will cover 499.9 kilometers, noting the inspection of the projects will go in line with a key message which emphasizes on the importance of preserving the environment and water sources.

“Besides, this message is accompanied by the permanent message of the Freedom Torch race which focuses on the fight against HIV, malaria, drugs abuse, nutrition and corruption, so it is important for people to continue taking precautions against these harmful diseases in addition to fighting corruption,” stressed Mr Chalamila.

He added that when the Uhuru Torch passes in various areas, it encourages execution of various initiatives for the people’s growth, love, peace, unity and patriotism.

Earlier during the handing over of the torch, the Coast Regional Commissioner said the torch was run in seven districts and nine councils which covered a total of 1,201.95 kilometers.

He said that in the region, the freedom torch visited 99 development projects, of which 9 were opened, 15 were launched, 20 laid foundation stones and 55 were inspected. All the projects did not have any flaws, and all have been accepted by the Freedom Torch Races for the year 2023.

Mr Kunenge stated that all projects were worth 4.4tr/-, of which 13.8bn/- is from the Central Government, 1.6/- is from the District Council, 4.4tr/- is from development stakeholders, 2.8bn/- was from public contribution and 42.8m/- is from freedom torch donations.

“This is a good job and exemplary service of the sixth phase government under Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan,” remarked Mr Kunenge.

He said besides launching the projects, the  torch  also inspired the planting of trees, whereby a total of 7,772,599 trees, equal to 57.57 percent of the target of 13,500,00 trees, have been planted in various areas of the region, and the process  is ongoing.

However, in giving information on progress on the fight against HIV infection, Mr Kunenge said new infections have decreased by 57 percent in 2022, and the HIV infection rate for the Coast region is currently 5.5 percent.

He added that the torch race encouraged citizens to undergo HIV testing to know their health status, where a total of 1,795 citizens came forward to be tested for HIV (among them 841 women and 954 men), of whom only 16 were found to be infected (10 men and 6 women).

Dar es Salaam will run the Uhuru Torch for five days starting yesterday in Temeke District and will be followed by Kigamboni District on 25th, Ilala District on the 26th, Ubungo on the 27th, and concluding at Kinondoni District on 28th May before it is handed to West Urban Region on May 29th.

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