Uhuru Torch Race catalyses development-stakeholders

STAKEHOLDERS in Mwanza city have said the Uhuru Torch Race has been motivating development in areas it has been passing.

They made the comments in separate interviews when the Uhuru Torch was brought to their areas.

Mr Bernard Kajuna, the Director of the Family Corner Investment Centre located in Mwanza, said Tanzanians should be proud of witnessing the Uhuru Torch Race because it is something unique.

He stated that the Torch symbolises Tanzania inside and outside the borders as well as motivate effective implementation of the development projects.

“People should make efforts to implement projects properly so that the Uhuru Torch Race inspects and lays foundation stones or launches them,” he stated.

He further asked Tanzanians to commit themselves to work hard as championed by the Uhuru Torch Race in order to bring about development in their areas and to the nation.

Some of the councillors in the municipality of Ilemela said they were pleased to see five development projects that were funded by the municipality’s own revenues being launched.

“The Uhuru Torch Race should continue motivating people to work hard and utilise the available opportunities because the government has put in place an enabling environment,” Shibula Ward Councillor, Mr Swila Dede said.

Mr Dede asked the people in his area to work hard for their own development, noting that the government has built infrastructure for the education, health and transport sectors in the ward.

Councillor for Special Seats in Ilemela Municipality, Ms Sarah Lisso, also praised the government for disbursing funds for construction of more classrooms and schools in various areas of the district.

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