TTCL told to build capacity of human resources

TTCL Corporation has been told to invest in human resources capacity building and Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) training for Tanzanians to reap the digital economy potential.

The Director of Communication and Transport of the Zanzibar government Dr Suleiman Mzee Mndewa  said in Dar es Salaam at the weekend that the aspect of providing knowledge can not only be left to private sector but public institutions like TTCL must take the front seat.

“We trust more in public institutions when it comes to sharpening human resources skills needed for digital economy.

TTCL must have a framework of training its staff, and establish a college which would see wider members of the public, especially youth to acquire needed skills in the digital economy,” he said.

He told TTCL to ensure that not only its staff undergoes training from time to time to catch up with changing pace in technological spheres,  but also to think, plan and establish its own college which would benefit Tanzania’s youthful population an important source of workforce.

He said when the Zanzibar’s ministry’s top officials toured TTCL corporation premises in Dar es Salaam which is one of the institutions with union structures for the aim of learning the ways it conducts its various daily operations of offering communication services to Tanzanians.

Dr Mndewa said that having training programmes and a college where possible, TTCL would not only offer communication services, but also help Tanzanians know how the world is running through technology, and hence attain development

TTCL cooperation’s Director General Eng Peter Ulanga said that the visit from Zanzibar’s ministry of communication was vital, welcomed and that all the suggestions made would be taken into account.

The public owned communication services offering company has 3.4 per cent market share of mobile phone subscription, according to Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) statistics of March this year.

Also TTCL holds a market share of 97 per cent of big data and fixed data which are used for development. It is on the other side leading in offering big data and fixed data services to neighboring countries through a fiber optic cable.

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