TSN performance thrills Nape

MINISTER for Information, Communication and Information Technology, Mr Nape Nnauye has commended the Tanzania Standard Newspapers (TSN) for the major transformation, including its performance in the media industry.

Minister Nape applauded the company on Friday when he visited TSN pavilion at the exhibition on various services offered by institutions under the Ministry of Information, Communication and Information Technology.

Received by TSN Managing Director, Ms Tuma Abdallah at the pavilion, the minister said the company was doing a good job, asking the government-owned media company to keep on doing more.

Mr Nape extended recognition to the then  Permanent Secretary for Information, Communication and Information Technology Dr Jim Yonazi who is now serving as  Permanent Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office (Policy, Parliamentary Affairs and Coordination) for assuming the role of the board for some time when the company lacked one. Dr Yonazi once served as TSN’s Managing Editor.

He visited the exhibitions shortly after Bunge approved the ministry’s 212.5bn/- budget which focuses on transforming the communication sector and improving the media industry performance.

The minister said he was confident in TSN, saying he highly trusted its expertise in carrying out transformation. He also expressed the government commitment in supporting the government-owned company to enable it run and operate commercially to meet its goals.

During the exhibitions at the Bunge grounds various services offered by institutions under the Ministry of Information, Communication and Information Technology were on display.

TSN was among the participants whereas the state-owned media company displayed a variety of its products including newspapers, e-papers and commercial printing products.

Speaking earlier, Ms Abdallah said the government has injected more than 30bn/- in a number of projects, including state-of- the- art commercial printing for increased efficiency and productivity.

She said the company will continue adhering to professionalism in its duties, including professionally running the commercial printing plant, one of its kind in East and Central Africa. It will be operating at full capacity from November this year, improving efficiency and boosting the company’s revenue collections.

“We thank the government for investing and trusting TSN for more growth and increased productivity,” she said.

“We are optimistic that come November 2023, the commercial printing will be operating at full capacity,” she said.

The MD underscored the need for the ministries, public institutions and private sector to register for E-paper applications, enabling them to be ahead in accessing the TSN newspapers at half price.

The Managing Director also called upon the public in general to use TSN in printing various documents, assuring them of quality and standards.

She also revealed various achievements and challenges facing the company including devising other business streams to support the firm’s  operations, apart from its core business of disseminating information and selling advertising space.

She cited several challenges facing the institution including the issue of rising debts and increased cost of production and printing materials.

Based on the reforms being undertaken by the company, Ms Abdallah pledged more creativity to position the company at a much better position.

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