TRA recognizes Huawei Tanzania as Most Compliant Taxpayer

In an event attended by the Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Dotto Biteko, Huawei Tanzania was honored by the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) for its exemplary commitment to tax compliance. The tech giant emerged as the most compliant taxpayer in technology sector and the most compliant taxpayer by sectors at national level, a recognition attributed to its adherence to tax regulations.

Gracing the Annual Taxpayer Appreciation Award 2023, Dr. Diteko, who is also the Minister for Energy said that taxpayers should be treated as partners in the development of the country.

‘’Taxpayers should be treated as partners without which the resources we need to finance growth and development won’t be adequately,” he pointed out.

The company’s contribution in Tanzania extends beyond its social contributions, especially in playing a pivotal role in advancing technology infrastructure and digital connectivity. Huawei has been rooted in Tanzania for 17 years since 2007 and has been the largest contributor to the country’s ICT infrastructure, serving 75 percent of the population.

The awards symbolize Huawei's meticulous record-keeping and timely tax payments, underscoring the company’s positive impact on the nations revenue system. This acknowledgment is expected to set a benchmark for other businesses in Tanzania, encouraging a culture of fiscal responsibility and transparency.

Huawei’s success in achieving the title of the most compliant taxpayer in technology sector and most compliant taxpayer by sectors at National level reflects not only its compliance but also its role in transforming Tanzania’s ICT landscape.

The company’s initiatives in corporate social responsibility, such as digital skills training and community development projects, have positioned it as a key player in Tanzania’s economic and social landscape.

Praising TRA for sustaining the awards to recognize and appreciate the role of such stakeholders in building the country, the Deputy Minister of Finance, Mr. Hamad Chande noted that recognitions are a big compliance and remittance incentive that greatly enables the Authority to meet revenue targets.

In this era where corporate accountability is of paramount importance, Huawei Tanzania’s achievement stands as a positive example, showcasing that businesses can thrive while fulfilling their civic duties. The event concluded with optimism for continued collaboration between the government and the private sector, with Huawei leading the way in responsible business practices and technological advancement.

Currently, Huawei has established partnerships with 19 local universities and has built 4 ICT practice labs. More than 3,000 teachers and students have been trained by Huawei ICT Academy.

Huawei has provided ICT skills training for more than 2000 ICT engineers and civil servants. Over the past few years, hundreds of Tanzanian students have benefited from Huawei’s Seeds for the Future programme.

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