TPLB keen to make friendly league fixture

DAR ES SALAAM: TANZANIA Premier League Board (TPLB) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Almasi Kasongo, has said the board is taking necessary measures to ensure that the 2024/25 league fixture is friendly to all stakeholders.

The TPLB CEO made the remarks in Dar es Salaam recently while insisting that a good fixture is a working tool for all sports stakeholders as it helps them to plan well for the next season.

“Fixture is simply a working tool to us (TPLB), clubs, players, and all other related football stakeholders since it is a good platform for them to prepare well for the upcoming season.

“This is one of the crucial areas that require thorough analysis so that when the fixture is out, it should be friendly to everyone and I believe that we will be able to achieve that,” he said.

He also pointed out that ahead of the upcoming season the board is also going to work on amendments to some league regulations.

“At the end of each season, we provide room for our stakeholders to propose some of the areas in our regulations they think should be improved, already we have received opinions from various people and we are set to go through them.

“Once we are done, we will unveil the amendments that have been made towards the upcoming campaign so that we should not leave anyone behind,” he said.

He also mentioned that the plan is underway to conduct capacity-building workshops for various groups that are directly involved in league management before the new campaign kicks off.

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He said they include match commissioners, general coordinators; referees as well as club information officers whom he said deserve to be fully engaged before the league season starts.

“These capacity-building sessions are important because the football industry is dynamic, meaning that people need to be frequently updated to get along with the changing world,” he said.

Reminiscing about last season, he described it as successful, saying they have been able to start and finish the season as required by the available regulations.

“Usually, the regulation demands us to begin the new season in August and end it in May which we amicably accomplished, and that alone is a big achievement to us.

“Also, our partners played their responsibilities well by implementing what is included in our contract agreement which enabled competing teams to travel to their match venues without encountering challenges,” Kasongo said.

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