TFC embarks on subsidised fertiliser distribution

THE Tanzania Fertiliser Company (TFC) has started distributing 2,700 tonnes of subsidised fertiliser to farmers in various parts of the country.

The distribution of the commodity started yesterday after the Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Mr Anthony Mavunde launched the exercise that saw seven trucks carrying 210 tonnes of fertiliser heading to Sumbawanga from Dar es Salaam.

The deputy minister said that the distribution of fertiliser by TFC is a milestone after staying for eight years without doing the business.

On his part, TFC General Manager, Mr Samuel Mshote said that besides the seven trucks, other 15 trucks with capacity of 450 tonnes will be heading to Southern Highlands regions today, regions that are food basket of the country.

He said the fertiliser will be distributed to 11 food basket regions, including Njombe, Rukwa, Iringa, Mbeya, Kagera, Ruvuma and Songwe, among others.

“This is just the beginning we have put in place various good plans  of ensuring that  the company performs well in this fertiliser industry …we will be distributing the fertiliser between this month and March  this year  so that farmers can increase productivity and income ,” the GM said.

He said the subsidised fertiliser will be sold at 70,000/- per 50kgs bag. Mr Mshote said that, the distribution of fertiliser will be done in collaboration with local governments that have agreed to provide warehouses for storing the commodity.

He further said that the company also plans to import fertiliser directly from the manufacturers a move that is expected to reduce price and relive the government from providing subsidy for fertilisers.

“We have embarked on talks with the manufactures from the United Arab Emirates and Europe so that we can start importing fertiliser direct from them, this will help the company to make profit and sell the commodity at affordable prices thus reliving the government of providing subsidy so that the  money could be channeled to other development activities,” he said.

In a related development TFC Board of Directors Chairman, Professor Florence Turuka said that plans are underway by TFC to conduct a research that will help to determine the kinds of fertiliser to be applied in different soils to meet the farmers’ needs.

He said that, besides distributing fertiliser to various parts of the country, TFC has several plans aim at ensuring that the company performs well in fertiliser industry.

“We want to distribute fertiliser which is suitable for soil in specific areas and this will reduce fertiliser waste and increase productivity,” Prof Turuka said.

He said that TFC will collaborate with other research institutions in order to realise the intended objectives.

Prof Turuka noted that fertiliser needs differ from one area to another thus the research will help the company to blend fertiliser which meets the needs of different soils.

He noted that, the company will have a facility which will be used to blend fertiliser basing on fertiliser requirements for different soils.

Besides, he said the company also plans to produce fertiliser within the country by collaborating with other stakeholders in efforts to ensure sufficient supply of the farm input.

Another future plan is to export fertiliser to neighboring countries … despite the fact that we have domestic market for our fertiliser but we also plan to expert the commodity because we have infrastructure which allow us to import sufficient fertilis§ er and sell it to other countries such as Zambia and Malawi.


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