TCRA: Tanzanite Portal will revolutionise communication sector

A NEWLY introduced ‘Tanzanite Portal’ is set to revolutionise communication service provision across the country by reducing bureaucracy in acquiring licences, Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) Director General, Dr Jabiri Bakari has said.

As the regulator joins other stakeholders to celebrate the ‘Customer Week,’ Dr Jabiri said in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday that the state-of-the-art customer feedback system, Tanzanite Portal, has boosted efficiency at the TCRA by enhancing its customer and consumer service infrastructure.

“This groundbreaking portal is set to revolutionise communication service provision across the country by minimising bureaucracy in acquiring communication licences. Communication is the lifeblood of our nation and we have a duty to ensure that it flows seamlessly to the benefit of all Tanzanians,” the TCRA czar added.

He assured communication stakeholders that TCRA is committed to delivering exceptional service to our stakeholders, particularly consumers and customers of communication services.

During his visit to the Customer and Consumer desk, Dr Bakari spent valuable time actively engaging with stakeholders and listening to their concerns.

Airtel’s Communications and Public Relations Director Ms Beatrice Singano applauded the regulator’s initiatives and improvements made so far in serving its stakeholders.

“I am delighted at how our regulator does things nowadays. The services that they provide at the customers’ desk are exceptionally friendly and timely-released,” she commended.

Eugenia Chanda, a communication stakeholder based in Dar es Salaam expressed her optimism on the deployed Tanzanite Portal saying it will enhance efficiency and transparency in communication service provision.

Tanzanite Portal, which is accessible through the communications regulator’s website, is designed to streamline communication between TCRA and a diverse range of service providers, including Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Broadcasting Services Providers, Courier Service providers, infrastructure installers, application service providers and users of various spectrum and radio-based communication services.

This modern system promises to enhance transparency and efficiency, enabling TCRA to address issues promptly.

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