TCDC to introduce digital cotton scaling

TANZANIA Cooperative Development Commission (TCDC) plans to introduce digital scales in the cotton purchases in ensuring accuracy in weighing of cotton.

The Registrar of TCDC, Dr Benson Ndiege made the statement during an exclusive interview with the ‘Daily News’ on the strategies to ensure cotton farming benefits farmers.

Dr Ndiege said TCDC will provide digital scales to all Agricultural and Marketing Cooperative Societies (AMCOS) for the farmers to be assured of proper cotton marketing.

“We have noticed that our farmers do not know how to accurately read the manual scales, that’s why a farmer can be told that his cotton weighs 50 kgs instead of the correct 70 kg.

“Despite the fact that the price may be good, the farmers may not earn good income due to inaccuracy in measurement,” he insisted.

He said the digital scales will enable the farmers to clearly determine the figures of the weight and value of the cotton.

“The government’s goal is to ensure that the current cotton productivity is getting higher day by day. That’s why we aim to increase transparency in the cotton marketing,” he noted.

The manager of the Geita Cooperative Union (GCU), Mr Venance Musiba, admitted that the move will benefit farmers and cooperatives whose income depends on cotton sales.

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