TCD commits to boost youth involvement in politics

DAR ES SALAAM: MEMBERS of the Tanzania Centre for Democracy (TCD) have resolved to boost the influence of young people in politics, for among others, to foster greater self-confidence among them to participate in political matters.

During an intergenerational dialogue held in Dar es Salaam on Thursday, TCD members came up with three key resolutions aimed at increasing youth participation in politics.

The main resolutions reached were to boost the influence of young people in politics, to foster greater self-confidence among youth involved in politics and striving to establish a national youth council.

TCD Chairman Professor Ibrahim Lipumba urged participants to prioritise the broader interests of children and society as a whole when discussing democracy and youth involvement in politics.

“Whenever we discuss democracy and youth participation in democracy, we should advocate for the children so that they can grow up with the ability to engage in development,” emphasized Prof Lipumba

He further emphasized the need for young people to focus on societal issues and challenges, including education, employment, and advocating for the welfare of the broader community.

The forum is part of TCD’s ongoing mission to promote democracy in the country and support sustainable development, peace, and the coexistence of politicians and political parties

TCD Executive Director Bernadetha Kafuko commended President Samia Suluhu for her leadership style that demonstrates a strong commitment to democracy.

The representative of Swiss Embassy, Consuelo Natalie stressed the importance of empowering young people to participate in development.

On his part, the US Embassy Representative Andy Allen stated that youth should play a pivotal role in any democracy, emphasizing the need to engage young minds for meaningful democratic progress.

He quoted U.S. President Joe Biden, highlighting that democracy requires deliberate Allen also emphasized that the best democracy addresses citizens’ most pressing concerns.

Throughout the discussion, participants, including leaders from various political parties, shared their political life experiences, delving into the historical journeys of politicians in the country.

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