Tanzanians among 5,000 graduates of Power Learn Project

KENYA, Nairobi: More than 5,000 students have successfully completed The Power Learn Project’s Software Development course.

This comprehensive 16-week program, designed to equip learners with market-ready digital skills, witnessed graduations across the continent in Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Zambia.

The graduation ceremony served as a platform for students to share their experiences, showcasing innovative solutions to address pressing challenges in Africa, notably in the realms of climate change, health, and food security.

The significance of this graduation extends beyond individual achievements. With over 5,000 learners now armed with digital skills and empowered through education, these graduates are poised to become invaluable assets in the workforce of their respective countries. They also are better positioned to use their technical skills to solve common societal problems.

This achievement follows the recent launch of the Impact Report by the organization, emphasizing its commitment to shaping a digitally skilled and empowered Africa through tech education.

During the unveiling of the Impact Report, the Power Learn Project highlighted the significant milestones and positive changes made in the lives of learners. The graduation ceremony, in turn, celebrated these accomplishments and the transformative journeys undertaken by the graduates.

Mumbi Ndung’u, Chief of Growth & Operations at PLP, remarked, “The PLP graduation serves as a testament to the profound impact of learning, where the transformative ripples extend far beyond individual accomplishments. In less than two years, we have cultivated a dynamic community of graduates poised to become future leaders, change-makers, and advocates for a better world.”

She further emphasized that this achievement is not just a milestone but a resounding echo of their collective dedication and the unparalleled power of education to shape a brighter future.

Michael Msita, a graduate from Tanzania, added, “Graduating today is a testament to the incredible journey we’ve had with PLP. As a learner from Tanzania, PLP has connected me with a global community of like-minded individuals. I’m confident the journey for me is only beginning. Today, we celebrate not just individual success but the success of a collective effort.”

Gracing the ceremony was Mr. Sasaki Kenji San the Chairperson PLP Governing Council and CEO next Chymia Consulting and his team, Ms.Catherine Muraga MD Microsoft ADC, Dr. Nkundwe Mwasaga Director General of the ICT Commission of Tanzania, Ms. Patricia Ithau Group  CEO of WPP Scangroup PLC, Mr.Victor Agolla, Chief Officer, Innovation and Digital Economy Nairobi County Government and Ms.Immaculate Kassait, MBS, Data Commissioner, Office of the Data Commissioner. The presence and support of these key partners underscores the importance of partnerships in driving the tech development agenda across Africa.

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