Tanzania to become African digital cornerstone- Nape

DAR ES SALAAM: MINISTER for Information, Communication and Information Technology, Mr Nape Nnauye has reaffirmed Tanzania’s commitment to becoming a beacon of digital excellence in Africa and beyond.

Addressing the Virtual Worlds Day in Geneva yesterday during the United Nations’ first Virtual Worlds Day event, the Minister highlighted the country’s impressive progress in digital innovation and transformation.

He emphasised that Tanzania is not only embracing virtual worlds and digital technologies but also spearheading a range of innovative initiatives across various sectors to harness the potential of technology for positive change and development.

The event aims to showcase the transformative power of virtual technologies in driving innovation, connectivity and sustainable development across the globe.

Among innovative initiatives highlighted, the minister included the country’s investments in educational technology, smart city development, agricultural innovation, cybersecurity measures and mobile banking solutions.

He also informed on the groundbreaking mobile banking initiatives, which played a crucial role in promoting financial inclusion and empowering individuals without access to traditional banking services in remote areas and underserved communities to participate in the formal financial system, access banking services and conduct secure transactions, thereby fostering economic empowerment and inclusion.

He also underlined the government’s commitment to preserving data protection and privacy rights while fostering a culture of digital innovation.

“By creating a regulatory environment that supports ethical standards and user rights, Tanzania is establishing itself as a beacon of digital excellence in Africa,” said the minister.

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He also shed light on Tanzania’s innovative approach to transforming the tourism industry through captivating visual experiences. Leveraging the power of virtual reality and digital platforms, Tanzania has embarked on a journey to offer immersive virtual tours of the country’s majestic attractions to a global audience.

By showcasing the rich cultural heritage, natural wonders and historical sites of Tanzania through digital mediums, the country is not only attracting international travellers but also celebrating its diverse history and traditions in a unique and engaging way.

He said through these digital initiatives, the country is harnessing the potential of virtual tourism to create a deeper connection with audiences worldwide and to promote the beauty and allure of the country’s tourism offerings.

“These efforts are not only transforming the way services are delivered but also empowering citizens and communities with access to information, resources and opportunities in the digital age,” said Mr Nnauye.

According to Mr Nnauye, in embracing digital transformations and initiatives, Tanzania is driving sustainable development, economic growth and social progress through technology.

The Permanent Representative of the United Republic of Tanzania to the UN in Geneva, Dr Abdullah Saleh Possi, who also represents the country to the ITU, emphasised on the significance of Tanzania’s participation in global policy processes on matters related to virtual technology.

“Considering the young population of Tanzania, there is need to make effective use of technology in order to create and open more jobs for our young population,” said Dr Possi.

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