Tanzania: Government declares no-go zone 

MANYARA, Hanang: THE government has declared part of Jorodom village in Hanang District a no-go zone following last week’s mudslide.
The decision comes as the death toll climbed to 80 by yesterday afternoon.
Briefing reporters here on Friday, Chief Government Spokesperson Mobhare Matinyi said the government had
restricted all human related activities saying it was risky to live in the area which also forms part of Jorodom River
on the foothills of Mount Hanang.
“The area stretches between 60 and 300 metres depending on the nature of the
land,” he said.
No one will be allowed to establish settlements or conduct any income generating activities in the area, according to Mr Matinyi.
He however maintained that the village will not be degazetted.
The Chief Government Spokesperson further hinted that the sheer number of casualties could have been necessitated by the fact many houses were built close to banks of Jorodom River.
Mr Matinyi noted that the government had set coordinates on areas which were severely affected by the mudslide.
“By using the last year’s census report, we will be in good position to establish the exact number of houses that
stood in the area,” the Chief Government Spokesperson explained.
According to Mr Matinyi, the move will also furnish the government with details on the number of people residing in
the affected area and whether more households occupied the area.
Such an undertaking will also involve post code experts and local government authority, he said.
Mr Matinyi said the government was working round the clock to ensure that normalcy returns to Katesh Township.
Already, the government had activated 75 electric transformers and installed electric distribution poles.
In the same vein, the Chief Government Spokesperson maintained that the government had no intention of keeping
the internal displaced persons (IDPs) who are seeking refuge at the three designated camps for too long.
“We are doing all that we can to ensure that they are reunited with their families and loved ones sooner than later,” he said.
According to Mr Matinyi, the government had also deployed 23 psychologists, two medical experts and a psychiatrist to assist the victims of the calamitous incident.
Around 440 IDPs are currently sheltering at three camps, namely Katesh Secondary School, Gendabi Primary School and Ganana Primary School.
The government has also distributed food items to 80 families in Katesh Township, 11 in Ganana Ward and another 40 families in Gendabi village.
The number of injured people currently stands at 133, according to the Chief
Government Spokesperson and are receiving treatment at various hospitals in Manyara region.
The deadly mudslide is said to have destroyed 26 vehicles, 19 motorbikes and two tractors.
It also swept away 25 sacks of sunflower that were stored inside a government’s warehouse located at Gendabi village.
In keeping pace with contributions and other donations flowing into the government, Mr Matinyi said the National Disaster Committee had established an in electronic bank account called National Relief Fund.

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