Tanzania: Betting company pays 53.8bn/- to winners 

DAR ES SALAAM: A sports betting company in Tanzania is paying a total of 53.8bn/- to customers after correctly predicted the sports results outcomes within only 10 days.

According to betPawa, a total of 335,706 of its customers emerged victorious after accurately predicting the results of sports events played within a span of 10 days from Saturday, October 21 to October 30, this year.

“Different customers celebrated their victories during the success of accurately predicting sports outcomes,” the company said.

According to sport betting company, the biggest winner walked away with a total of 372.9m/- from a 2,200/- stake, including a 645 percent winning bonus on the 50 matches they had bet on.

“Due to this large number of winners, unprecedented delays in payments occurred throughout the sports betting industry. For BetPawa, having numerous winners necessitated increasing the daily limits for mobile money accounts. ”

“Nevertheless, we are working 24/7 to finalize the payments for the remaining few winners,” betPawa county manager Borah Ndanyungu was quoted as saying.

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