Tanzania: Adverts posted by celebrities, influencers on taxman radar

TANZANIA in collaboration with the Private Sector plans to introduce an electronic system which will monitor and ensure government taxes are paid on time.

Minister for Finance and Planning, Mwigulu Nchemba made the statement at the Parliament in Dodoma on Thursday when he was tabling the government spending plan for the next 2023/24 financial year.

He stated that the State has come up with the idea amidst the recent advancement of technology in the world, which has experienced significant change in mode of advertisement.

“Most advertisements are done electronically (online advertisements) through several media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, twitter and other blogs…The measure will include commercial adverts which are posted by celebrities (digital influencer) and other ecommerce activities conducted in the country,” Dr Nchemba said.

In the tabled budget frame for 2023/24, the State expects to mobilize and spend a total of 44.39tr/-.

Of the tabled figure, he added, domestic revenue is projected to be 31.38tri/-, equivalent to 70.7 percent of the total budget.

“Out of the total domestic revenue to be collected, Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) is estimated to collect 26.73 trillion shillings and non-tax revenue collected by Ministries, 167 Departments, Institutions and Local Government Authorities is estimated at 4.66 trillion shillings,” he stated.

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