Tabora farmers benefit from AMDT project

AGRICULTURAL Markets Development Trust (AMDT) investment in sunflower and pulse has paid off particularly for women and youth in Sikonge district of Tabora region.

The Trust invested 5.0bn/- to educate, empower youth and women, in extension services and improving seed quality. The move increased sunflower output from two to three sacks per acre to the current five and eight sacks per acre.

Lima Africa Extension Officer Mr Roance Rwegasira said its partnership with AMDT benefited some 250 sunflower growers in the region, while Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) produced 25 tonnes of sunflower seeds.

“The farmers managed to increase production after observing the best principles of agriculture offered by project partners through education plus quality seeds,” said Mr Rwegasira, when briefing reporters who visited the sunflower farm yesterday at Kapumpa village in Sikonge.

Lima Africa has also provided practical training through a demonstration farm to more than 150 other farmers and on practicing Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA).

AMDT is working with various stakeholders such as Lima Africa, SNV, TARI, and Highland Seed Growers. The project benefited over 100,000 farmers in eleven regions including Tabora in the 2022/2023 farming season.

He further noted that through the project they have managed to cultivate 70 acres of sunflower with various women groups of young farmers who are among the 250 farmers.

“The company continues to provide training including education through demonstrations farm to more than 150 other farmers, as well as educating the farmers on practicing Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA),” he said.

Women’s Group of Nguvu Kazi Secretary Ms Leah Robert said previously their harvest was disappointing because of using outdated traditional methods.

“After Lima Africa and TARI education we are currently harvesting between five and eight sacks of sunflower per acre unlike less than five before the project,” Ms Leah said.

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