Stanbic pushes for financial inclusion

Stanbic Bank Tanzania reaffirmed its commitment to promoting financial inclusion among Tanzanians.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Civil Society Organizations Week 2023, Head of Public Sector at Stanbic Bank Doreen Dominic said the financial institution was committed to empower Tanzanian citizens and driving economic growth through financial inclusion, innovation, and literacy.

She equally emphasized the pivotal role of technology in improving peoples lives.

“Mindful that, CSOs are the guardrails guiding the governments; efforts to lead the country to socio-economic and political stability, we will ensure that we help you to attain the concept of financial inclusion,” she assured.

The Head of Public Sector at Stanbic Bank said symbiotic relationship between technology and society was paramount, particularly in the context of advancing financial inclusion.

“At Stanbic, we provide tailored solutions not only for established and high-powered Tanzanian businesses but also for the public sector, non-commercial entities, and youth and women-owned SMEs, ensuring that no one is left behind,” she disclosed.

In a panel discussion exploring technology's potential to revolutionize financial inclusion, the bank presented insights into how digital innovations can bridge economic disparities and empower historically underserved communities like youth and women SMEs.

Currently, the Stanbic Biashara Incubator unit facilitates the success of youth and women in entrepreneurship and innovation.

The bank currently holds the fourth-largest position in the nation's banking sector, a testament to its unwavering mission to empower society & drive nation-wide growth. The bank aims not only to be a leading financial institution but also an empowerer, enabler and catalyst for positive change and economic transformation.

The symposium was organized by the Foundation For Civil Society in collaboration with various civil society, private sector stakeholders and other development players.

The gathering brings together CSOs from within and outside the country under the under the theme “Explore the Transformative Power of Tech and Society in Tanzania” Then, Now and Beyond.

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