South Africa president’s fate in hands of the ANC

Leaders of South Africa’s governing party are meeting to discuss President Cyril Ramaphosa’s future amid a corruption scandal that has led to calls for him to resign.

He came to power pledging to tackle corruption but has now been caught up in his own crisis.

An independent report said Mr Ramaphosa may have broken the law by allegedly covering up a theft at his farm.

He has denied any wrongdoing and his spokesman said the report was “flawed”.

Speaking on Sunday, Mr Ramaphosa said his fate was in the hands of the governing African National Congress (ANC). But he has also said that he will challenge the report in the country’s Constitutional Court.

Parliament will also get its say, with MPs set to discuss the report, which was commissioned from a panel of legal experts by the speaker, on Tuesday. They could decide to launch impeachment proceedings.

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