‘Shun conflicts in marriages for better parenting’

DODOMA: PARENTS and guardians are being urgently urged to prioritise peace in their marriages to prevent children from suffering the severe consequences of family breakdown.

The Executive Director of the Society Empowerment Organ (SEO), Ms Upendo Mwinchande, delivered this crucial message during a recent event with children from various communities in Dodoma.

The gathering aimed to address the pressing challenges faced by children and gather their insights on their rights.

It emphasised the profound impact of fractured marriages, which often lead to disrupted childhoods and expose children to risks such as homelessness, early pregnancies, and exploitation.

Ms Mwinchande highlighted children’s rights to a stable home environment, proper nutrition, clothing, love, education, and healthcare.

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She underscored that during marital conflicts and separations, these fundamental needs often become compromised, affecting children’s well-being and future prospects.

SEO remains committed to empowering all sectors of society—women, children, youth, elderly, and vulnerable groups—to fulfill their roles responsibly and uphold societal harmony.

The organisation continues to combat genderbased violence through extensive awareness campaigns aimed at promoting community morals and compliance with local regulations.

Collaboration with governmental bodies, financial institutions, and community organisations is pivotal in SEO’s efforts to enhance socio-economic welfare across the country.

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