Scholars to promote scientific research through association

DAR ES SALAAM : RESEARCHERS have formed an association that aims to bring together researchers to promote scientific research through increased dissemination, sharing information and knowledge for sustainable development.

The so-called Association of Tanzania Researchers (ATARE) will also empower young and women emerging researchers through capacity building for them to curb various challenges.

Speaking to journalist in Dar es Salaam recently, the ATARE President, Prof Joseph Ndunguru said the association will promote and mobilise resources for researches.

“ATARE will be a basket fund for its members by raising funds and resources to be used for supporting research projects for members.

It will facilitate recognition of outstanding researchers for their significant contribution to national development through their novel discoveries, inventions and innovations,” said Prof Ndunguru.

In addition he said they aimed to bring together all researchers from various disciplines for sharing of knowledge empowering each other and creatively establish research initiatives for sustainable development through research in science, innovation and technology.

“We are going to link Tanzania researchers and counterparts at regional and global level for capacity development,” Prof Ndunguru said adding to establish and maintain a database of research conducted in Tanzania and help researchers and the public at large to have access to valuable information.

According to Prof Ndunguru the 2020 scientific publication Tanzania ranks   11 out of 54 countries in numbers of scientific articles but it unknown where about ….. They want to find them so that they can be used now and in the future as well.

Moreover, he said they will collect information and publish books, papers, documents, information bulletins for the purpose of contributing knowledge for national socio economic development.

Prof Ndunguru said membership to the association is voluntary and open to any Tanzania researcher who has attained the age of 18 and above from a medium or tertiary learning institution registered  and operating under the Tanzania laws.

On her part the researcher, Ms Elizabeth Maeda said the platform also will help to find markets for researched products such as agricultural research.

She said they will have a good platform to inform farmers and markets that have also been researched in the country and abroad.  Whereby farmers ask for markets that will ensure them and thus will encourage them to produce more.

“We will come up with a common strategy that will communicate with research products and researcher markets to get contracts for farmers to sell their produce,” Ms Maeda said.

Dr Maeda said the government and stakeholders should focus on development of human resources to get a positive impact.

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