Road crash kills seven, injures eleven

A ROAD accident involving a car has killed seven and injured 11 people on the Tunduma Border Road in Songwe Region,on Wednesday.

Making the revelation, Songwe Regional Police Commander (RPC), Theopista Mallyia said the accident happened after a speeding in transit (IT) car hit a motorcycle rider tossing him to a parked lorry.

She added: “After the first crash that involved the IT car and the motorcycle, a motorcycle’s rider was tossed to the underneath of the lorry for a while from and this raised the attention of the passers-by to attempt to rescue him. At this stage, a Hiace Bus approached from behind with high speed after its brake failed and rammed onto the accident scene.”

The Police Commander further said that resulted into another accident leading to the deaths and injurious experienced.

She added that the deceased and the injured were rushed to the nearby hospital at Tunduma District Hospital, adding that, that police were also carrying out preliminary investigations to further identify the dead including those involved in the accident

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