Resolve road project snags in seven days, VP orders

VICE-PRESIDENT Dr Philip Mpango has issued a seven-day ultimatum for the Ministry of Minerals together with the Ministry of Works and Transport to address challenges that are delaying the construction of Pangani-Makurunge- Bagamoyo road.

He issued the instructions on Saturday while addressing residents of Mkata area, Handeni District in Tanga Region as he was on his way to Tanga City for a working tour.

His remarks came after he was briefed that the implementation of Pangani- Makurunge Bagamoyo road project has been delayed due to lack of gravel, since the contractor hasn’t been awarded a licence to extract the materials for the project.

Dr Mpango also instructed the Tanzania National Roads Agency (Tanroads) to ensure all the arrangements for project execution are put in place in a bid to ensure smooth execution and timely completion of the much awaited road that will connect Tanga and Coast Region through Bagamoyo District.

The Vice-President also issued similar directives focusing on solving the setbacks that have delayed the construction of the Handeni-Kibirashi-Kiteto-Dodoma road whose construction was supposed to commence in May this year.

In another development the Vice-President directed the Secretariat in Tanga Region to educate livestock keepers on various laws of the land for the sake of ending land conflicts between farmers and pastoral communities.

He, moreover, tasked the security forces in Tanga Region to probe and take appropriate legal measures against livestock keepers accused of invading and injuring farmers recently.

“I’m asking all citizens here to abide by laws of our country for the sake of upholding and maintaining our existing peace and unity,” said Dr Mpango.

Vice-President Mpango commended the secretariat and residents of Tanga Region for their efforts on protecting environment, a move that helps in combating effects of climate change.

Dr Mpango reminded parents and guardians in the region to fully exploit education opportunities offered by the government by ensuring all their children are enrolled in schools accordingly.

“The government has taken a number of initiatives in improving provision of education such as construction of more schools, executing fee-free education policy as well as   improvement of learning facilities. So it’s now a responsibility of parents and their children to play their part,” he emphasised.

For his part, Tanga Regional Commissioner Omary Mgumba said authorities in the region will continue protecting environment as well as instituting legal measures against individuals engaging in environmental destructive acts.

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