Regulator announces new bus fares

TANZANIA: The Land Transport Regulatory Authority (LATRA) has announced new fares for both upcountry and commuter buses ‘daladala’ effective from December 8, 2023.

LATRA Director General CPA Habibu Suluo made the announcement on Monday, citing the decision as a response to the hiked operating costs.

Regarding the new bus fares, he mentioned that trips not exceeding 10 kilometers, with the previous fare at 500 shillings, will now be 600 shillings.

Those for 550 shillings have risen to 700.

Additionally, places where transport fare was 600 shillings have increased to 800, those previously at 700 are now 900, and for trips covering 26 to 30 kilometers, the new transport fare will be 1100.

The Director further stated that the current fare for distances of 31 to 35 kilometers has risen from 1000 to 1300, and for a 36 to 40-kilometer journey, the new fare is 1400.

Elaborating, he clarified that the new fares will not affect students, with no increment for them.

Meanwhile, for upcountry buses, the longest distance of 1,659 kilometers, such as the Arusha-Sumbawanga trip through Chalinze/Morogoro, will have a normal fare of 80,000 instead of 69,000. The middle fare will be 113,000 instead of 94,000. The middle-class fare for Dar es Salaam to Bukoba trips passing through Chalinze will now be 44,000 instead of 37,000, and 31,000 instead of 27,000 for normal trips.

CPA Suluo stated that individuals with alternative arguments regarding the new prices are allowed to appeal within 14 days; otherwise, no changes will be made.

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