RCs calls for collaborative efforts to end child labour

THE Geita Regional Commissioner, Martine Shigela has called on Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to cooperate with the government to cooperatively fight against the child labour especially in mining areas.

He said the efforts will help in bringing back to studies all students who have dropped out from schools for various reasons.

Mr Shigela made the statement on Wednesday   when gracing the region’s NGOs Annual General Meeting, explaining the importance of collaborative efforts in improving provision of social service for sustainable development.

He also stressed on the need for NGOs to cooperatively discuss and come up with a permanent solution that will save children from challenging environments that bars them from getting better education.

“We have to encourage our children to attend schools instead of working in mining areas, the government is taking efforts to ensure provision of fee free education from primary to secondary level so we have to make better use of this opportunity for greater interest of the future generation,” he said.

The RC noted that collaborative efforts were key toward attaining suitable development especially on providing social services to the people of Geita region.

“Together we can end this, let us protect our children, for them to benefit from the opportunities available in our nation” said Mr Shigela.

Earlier the Geita Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS), Prof Godius Kahyarara urged NGOs to work in accordance with social guidelines in solving the available challenges.

For their part, stakeholders assured to maintain their focus supporting social development in their project areas.

The Coordinator of Clarity project implemented by the International Volunteer Organisation Redman Mjema said they are ventured to manage human rights and protect the safety of the environment with aims to end child labor.

“We still need other stakeholders to be able to make sure that we put together our efforts   to keep educating people, and we promote a friendly environment for the current and future generations,” he said.

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