Qur’an competition nurtures children – Mwinyi

DAR ES SALAAM: ZANZIBAR President Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi yesterday graced the Holy Qur’an Africa Competition in Dar es Salaam echoing the country’s unwavering commitment on fostering freedom of religion as the cornerstone for peace and solidarity.

He said the competition nurture children and youths to become good citizens and religious leaders including Sheikhs, who cherish the country’s welfare and peace.

The Greatest Holy Qur’an Africa Competition that was organised by Al-Hikma Foundation was held at the Benjamini Mkapa Stadium in the city, yesterday.

It attracted a huge turnout from within and outside the continent, while others took to follow it through media outlets including television.

Dr Mwinyi said the competitions are the clear indication of Tanzania long built freedom of worship, which provides an opportunity for all people including Muslims to exercise their rights to pray among others in enhancing collaboration and understanding in the country.

“Dear Muslims and citizens at large this competition… it stands as a clear proof that you have the freedom of worship in our country. In all years Tanzania has remained to be a good example of people with different religious beliefs, who live together, tolerate each other, cooperate and love one another” he said.

Adding “Freedom of worship is a sole foundation for our sustainable peace which we must cherish for the betterment of the present and incoming generation,” In that regard, he said the government has been providing support to all religions without considering any affiliation or difference in bid of making them undertake prayers.

Dr Mwinyi commended all participants for showcasing their proficiency in reading the Holy Qur’an attributing their competence to hardworking on mastering the words of God.

“It is the fruits of their diligent that has made them today read the Holy Qur’an while the world is watching. May the Almighty God bless them and lead them in the right path,” he pointed out.

In another development, he thanked the Al-Hikma Foundation for organising and the Zanzibar People’s Bank for tireless sponsoring the competition which has attracted Islam audiences around the world, saying apart from glorifying the words of God, it also adds light to the country’s visibility globally.

He noted that this year Qur’an competition is the 24th since it started being successfully organised consecutively by the Al-Hikma Foundation during the Holy Ramadhani Month.

He said that Tanzania has been the first country in the continent to organise the icon Qur’an reading competition to the point of filling the whole stadium with believers at once.

In another development, he appealed to all Muslim across the country to utilise well the Holy Month of Ramadhani on reading Qur’an hinting it is within this month the Qur’an was revealed.

Additionally, he urged believers to support the needy in this Holy Month so as to reap more blessings while strengthening peace and love in the country.

Mufti of Tanzania and Chairman of the National Muslim Council of Tanzania, Sheikh Mr Abubakar Zubeir extended his heartfelt appreciation to all Muslims for attending the holy event in great numbers, noting that such turnover signals blessings in the country.

Elaborating, Mr Zubeir said he has received best wishes from different countries across the world following the event.

The winner of this year Holy Qur’an competition was Ibrahim Sow (14) from Ivory Coast who was awarded 27m/- and Silver Medal worth 3.2m/- plus certificate of outstanding performance, while the second position was taken by a Ugandan Haafith Kabiito (14) taking home 17m/- and a silver medal worth 1.15m/ plus a certificate.

The third position was held by a Tanzanian Mr Kaamil Swaleh who was awarded about 12m/-, a golden silver worth 1.2m/- and a certificate for an outstanding performance.

Additionally, the fourth position was taken by Mr Kamiru Ismail from Togo, who scooped a total of 8m/-, a silver medal worth 1.5m/- and a certificate while the fifth position went to a Burundian Mr Idrissa Mshimwe (18) who was awarded 4.5m/-, a silver medal worth 1m/- and a certificate.

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