Public schools shine in Form VI results

THE National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) on Thursday released the 2023 Form VI National Examination results (ACSE), with boys outshining girls in overall performance in comparison to last year.

According to NECTA, the pass rate in public schools has slightly increased by 0.03 per cent compared to 0.02 per cent recorded last year.

Announcing the results here yesterday NECTA Executive Secretary Dr Said Ali Mohamed said a total of 104,549 candidates, estimated as 99.23 per cent of 106,883 registered for the exams have passed.

Dr Mohamed also released results for Grade A Teacher’s Certificate Examination (GATCE); Grade A Teacher’s Special Course Certificate Examination (GATSCCE) and Diploma Secondary Education Examination (DSEE).

Dr Mohamed said that a total of 95,442 candidates equivalent to 99.30 per cent performed well by scoring division I-III, “In fact most of the students scored Division I-II with 36,527 (38.01 per cent) scoring Division one (scoring A to C or 60 to 100 per cent).”

“A total of 44,312 candidates scored Division II with average of D (or 50 to 59 per cent), while 14, 603 got Division III with average score of E (or 40 to 49 per cent). In 2022 candidates who scored divisions I-III were 83, 877,” he explained.

He informed members of the press that performance assessed under divisions I-III male candidates (52,463 or 99.36 per cent) performed well compared to 42,979 or 99.24 percent girls.

“Male candidates with Division I are 40.57 per cent against 34.88 per cent of female candidates,” he said.

The NECTA executive director said that his office maintains the decision reached last year of not announcing top schools, regions and students.

He noted that, interested media can analyse the results available in the NECTA website.

Dr Mohamed further said that in evaluating schools by Grade Point Average (GPA), 643 (or 73.40 per cent) out of 876 schools which had ACSEE 2023 scored an average of C, which is division III category, “But the evaluation has proved that schools with average ranging from A to C has increased this year by 6.62 per cent (or 622 schools last year to 709 schools this year.

Regarding combinations, he mentioned that in overall, most candidates scored (91.30 to 92.82 per cent) divisions I-II in language, Arts, commerce and economy subjects, while combinations in science was 74.90 per cent; and most of those with division III have combinations of science subjects with teaching.

He explained that 169 (including eight private candidates and eight teachers’ exams) exams results are being withheld because candidates failed to complete after falling sick during examinations period, but they have been allowed to re-sit for the exams, while results of eleven candidates were nullified because of cheating.

A total of 767 (about 7.65 per cent) of the 10,025 who registered as private candidates did not turn-up for the examinations including GATCE, GSTSCCE and DSEE. A total of 6,193 (99.73 per cent) of 6,210 candidates passed GATCE; 226 (99.56 percent) of 227 passed GATSCCE; and 1,769 (94.60 per cent) of 1,870 passed their DSEE exams.

Meanwhile the NECTA executive secretary has scrapped ‘Qualifying Test (QT)’ as a compulsory for sitting for the Ordinary Secondary School Examinations (O’ Level) as it had been in the past.

“We have decided that students from alternative or vocational schools, who have  passed their Form II and those who sat for QT in the past, within the ten years, have been exempted from QT and will be registered for the O’ Level exams, starting in January 2024.

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