President Samia wants state secrets kept out of public corridors

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan wants state archivists to keep government papers away from the public, insisting the professionals have all the technical mechanisms to prevent leaking state secrets.

You have so much now, the technology, the computers that we didn’t have, she said at the 10th Tanzania Records and Archives Management Professionals Association (TRAMPA) annual general meeting (AGM) held in Arusha.

Unfortunately, she said “it’s now that you find government records in social networks. Documents like letters, court cases and other documents.”

According to the president, it’s a pity that such a professional would release a state document to social networks for money. It’s unethical, she said at the general meeting.

President Samia believes archivists are the engine of the government in which its success depends. She reaffirmed her government commitment to support the profession to better improve its work and foster development in the country.

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