Premier Majaliwa resolves Kinondoni land dispute

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has resolved the three year-old land dispute between Aloyce Mwasuka and Salutari Massawe in the Boko-Dovya area in the Kinondoni District of Dar es Salaam Region.

Mr Massawe constructed a wall to prevent the access of the road in the dispute involv- ing plot numbers 393, 395, and 370 on block G in the area near Mbweni junction, forcing Mr Mwasuka to use his neigh- bour’s road, Ms Oliver Semu guruka (plot number 395), in order to get to his home (plot no. 393).

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Mr Majaliwa expressed his satisfaction with the steps taken by the Kinondoni District Commissioner, Mr Godwin Gondwe, to oversee the demo-lition of the wall to permit the access of the road in the area, when speaking to officials from the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development and executives from the Kinondoni District at his office in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

“I applaud you, Mr Gond- we, and your team, for taking action into this matter since yesterday to handle the rights of those who need your support; the road should be improved so that all citizens benefit,” he stated. The Primer stated that the action is in accordance with President Samia Suluhu Has- san’s directive to her assistants to ensure that citizens do not have challenges in their respective districts.

Mr Majaliwa stressed the importance of officials from the Ministry of Land, Hous-ing, and Housing Development managing their obligations, saying, “Go manage land issues so that government Executives can also work on other development activities to serve the people. We need to control the systems so that other projects can continue.”

Earlier, Mr Gongwe stated that the area was indicated on the city planning map in 2002 and that Mr Massawe pur- chased the area in 2004 and surveyed it in 2005, while Mr Mwasuka purchased his par- cel in 2005 and surveyed it in 2006. “On their surveys, every- one used his own surveyor but coordinates show that there is a road between them and their maps also recognize the road. Both had to respect the draw- ings of urban planning which is the blueprint,” he noted.


Dar es Salaam Assistant Land Commissioner, Mr Idrissa Kayera told the Prime Minister that despite both maps recognis- ing the road with a width of 12 meters, Mr Massawe decided to build a wall on one side only in the area, which closed the area of the road and thus closing the road that separates plots num- ber 393, 395, 370, 391,390 and 369.


Mr Ridhwan Kikwete, Deputy Minister of Land, Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development stated that the Ministry will continue to handle all existing conflicts and devise a strategy to address them.


Mr Mwasuka thanked the Prime Minister, Deputy Min- ister, District Commissioner, and their executive teams for resolving the problems and asked that the teams to continue working together to assist other individuals, who are powerless. Mr Massawe was unable to at- tend the meeting due to health issues.

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