Poultry fair brings 2000 stakeholders

TANZANIA: THE Tanzania Poultry Show (TPS) 2023 has brought together some 2000 stakeholders from within and beyond the country.

The stakeholders during the two-day fair enable them to share technologies and experiences in transforming the poultry sector to serve sufficiently the local and global markets.

TPS’s Member of Organising Committee Mr Sufian Kyarua told ‘Daily News’ over the weekend the stakeholders across the globe for the two days exchange ideas, technologies and experience to ensure that the country’s poultry sector meets world-class standards.

“The poultry sector has been downplayed in the country, we want to showcase that the sector has great growth potential. We want to ensure that other stakeholders including the government turn their eyes to the sector” he said.

The fair was organised by the Poultry Association of Tanzania (TPA) and intends to create visibility to the poultry sector in the country which apart from playing a vital role in protein presence also creates jobs.

He said Tanzania’s poultry sector future is bright due to the wider local and international market available saying it is up to small and large-scale poultry keepers to intensify production via modern technologies to cater to the demand.

He said exhibitions of the TPS 2023 kind allow poultry keepers among others to complement each other for high yields while exploring markets for progress of the sector and diversification of the economy at large.

The event involved stakeholders from various regions across the country including Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, Tanga and Arusha and some foreign exhibitors from South Africa, China, Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands, India and US.

Shafa Farm’s Veterinary Technician Mr Masha Stephano said the exhibition was positive after the company venturing into dairy production and animal feeds received a good response from visitors and created new customers.

He said apart from showcasing their products the event offered the opportunity to catch up with worldwide technological changes.

The TPS 2023 was a two-day event between last Friday and Saturday and themed “Chicken and Eggs, the Leading Protein”.

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