PM reveals major discovery in palm oil seeds

PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa has revealed that research institutes in the country have succeeded in discovering and experimenting in the cultivation of the palm oil tree seeds known as Terena.

“President Dr Samia Suluhu Hassan I would like to inform you that research institutes in the country have succeeded in discovering and experimenting in the cultivation of the palm oil tree seeds called Terena … this is great for our institutions,” he further said.

Mr Majaliwa made the remark during the swearing in ceremony of the leaders recently appointed by President Samia Suluhu Hassan at Chamwino State House in Dodoma, yesterday.

Early yesterday, during his working visit to Kigoma, Mr Majaliwa instructed Small Industries Development Organisations (SIDOs) to continue developing good and simple palm oil milling technologies, which can enable Tanzanians to produce more and better oil in the country.

“President Samia Suluhu Hassan has supported SIDO with funds to design modern machines for milling palm oil up to 100 per cent, it’s therefore that our farmers move from the old technologies to boost themselves economically,” he pointed out.

Elaborating, the Premier noted that President Samia has increased the budget for the Ministry of Agriculture to ensure that she raises the agricultural sector.

He added: “The ministry’s inputs should emphasise on strategic crops including palm oil trees, because our President wants to see the crop bringing benefits to the citizens and our citizens should not have doubts on the palm oil trees.”

In a related development, Mr Majaliwa directed Kigoma Regional Commissioner Thobias Andengenye and area SIDOs to ensure that they introduce standard palm oil measuring scales instead of local containers known as Bidoo, which exploit farmers.

Elaborating, he noted that the Bidoo measuring units are not acceptable and do not exist in the law, saying: “It does not ring in mind that a businessman exploits a farmer by paying the price of 20 litres when purchasing 25 litres.

“Regional Commissioners and District Commissioners…go to all markets that have palm oil products and take Bidoo out of the market…Citizens should not be exploited by Bidoo measuring units and if you see a buyer in the business, report him/her,” he pointed out.

Earlier, North Kigoma Member of Parliament Assa Makanika asked the Prime Minister for an official palm oil measurement unit that is acknowledged by the government instead of the local Bidoo.

“Farmers have been exploited a lot through the use of Bidoo measuring units, especially in cases where they (buyers) enlarge a 20 litres container by hot water to create a room for 25 litres and end up paying the price of 20 litres,” he pointed out.

In response, the Deputy Minister for Agriculture Anthony Mavunde said that the government intends to promote palm oil trees and will continue campaigning for the crop to ensure that it becomes a saviour for farmers.

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