NMB’s digital campaign spearheads cashless society

NMB Bank, one of the largest lenders in the country, has dished out some 86m/- as prizes to winners of the MastaBata digital payment campaign.

The campaign, in its fourth edition, is geared at boosting a cashless society that makes the payment using digital platforms.

NMB’s Card Business Senior Manager David Ngusa said, when handling prizes to some winners over the weekend that awareness for digital transactions has increased in recent years as more people are using cards to make payment than cash.

“The MastaBata promotion strategy is to enhance digital transactions made by our customers. The awareness has increased as people seen the importance of digital payments against cash,” Mr Ngusa said after gracing the fifth raffle of the ‘MastaBata Kote-Kote’ reward campaign in Dar es Salaam.

The promotion has greatly boosted the use of NMB Mastercard and Mastercard QR codes amongst the lender’s customers.

The winners included a Dar-based clearing and forwarding agent, Mr Elihuruma Minja, who pocketed 1.0m/- and was also awarded a trip ticket to Zanzibar for a full moon party.

Mr Minja said he will increase his digital transactions to extending chances of winning the grand prize, which is a trip to Dubai. The Dubai trip covers prizes for seven winners and their partners.

The fourth edition of the MastaBata reward campaign series was launched in late October and is expected to conclude next month.

In the draw, 75 customers pocketed 100,000/- each and Mr Donald Kaaya of Loliondo in Arusha won one Boxer motorcycle that is won every week.

NMB plans to spend some 300m/- in MastaBata campaign.

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