NIT told to engage stakeholders in nurturing competent professionals

Tanzania Shippers Council (TSC) has urged the National Institute of Transport (NIT) to continue engaging stakeholders in the transport sector to nurture professionals who meet market demands.

Speaking at the first NIT Career Fair in Dar es Salaam yesterday, the TSC Executive Secretary Sallu Johnson said, due to the development of Science and Technology, it is important to continue engaging with stakeholders to understand the market needs.

He said the NIT career event will help to improve students’ careers and reflect the vision of the country’s development in building the strongest transport sector.

“I believe that, this event will spur cooperation between the Institute and stakeholders in the transport sector,’ he said.

He said, the career day event connects the Institute with the stakeholders in the labour market where students have the opportunity to learn and understand the changes in the global labour market.

On his part, NIT Rector Prof Zacharia Mganilwa said that the career day event has brought together students and stakeholders from the transport sector as part of learning as well as understanding the needs in the labour market.

He said that the career day event has been organised to support the efforts of the government by producing capable manpower to feed the new transport projects including railways, ports, ships, aviation and many more.

“This NIT Career Fair was a great experience,” said Juma Hamis. “I’m currently a junior, studying bachelor’s degree in transport and logistics, so it was also a pleasure to speak with Super Star, Superdol and Simba Supply Chain Solutions Limited about future opportunities and their needs basically in the employment area.

Simba Supply Chain Solutions Limited, Human Resource Manager, Mr Lugano Bwenda said, “It was great to see students dressed professionally, carrying resumes and a big engaging smile,”

The National Institute of Transport is the only such training Institute in Sub- Saharan excluding South Africa mandated to offer training in transport and communications.

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