New school to save pupils from wild animals attacks

LION attacks on school children along the Manyara-Tarangire wildlife corridor could be a thing of the past after construction of a state-of-the-art primary school in the area.

Built by the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), to the tune of 3.6bn/- (1.56 million US dollars) the Manyara Ranch Primary School in Monduli District is set to improve the children’s access to quality education in the area.

Speaking while handing over the learning facility to Monduli District Council midweek, AWF’s Senior Vice-President, Charly Facheux said he was optimistic that the new school will revitalise learning spirit in the area where students were at the mercy of wild animals.

“We are very proud to give them a safe environment to study so that they grow to seek successful livelihoods that build onto the wildlife and biodiversity economy within their communities and beyond,” Mr Facheux explained.

He disclosed that AWF had, through the Classroom Africa Programme constructed the school with a core mission of bridging the gap between education and conservation.

“This builds towards the collective goals within the African Union Agenda 2063 that commits to ensuring a stronger future for Africa’s children and its wildlife,” added the AWF Senior VP.

The newly built school was initially located within an important wildlife corridor which posed a safety threat to the school fraternity.

In 2008, AWF opted to relocate the school to the periphery of the Manyara ranch.

Apart from the school, AWF also handed over to the District Council a 63m/-(27,000 US dollars) worth school van to facilitate services at the learning facility.

Around 1,050 students attend the school, where many of them hail from pastoral communities of Esilalei and Ol Tukao villages.

The school was ranked second best in the district, in the recently concluded national exams with 133 out of 136 students passing and transitioning to secondary school.

In his rejoinder, outgoing Monduli District Commissioner Suleiman Yusuph Mwenda thanked the Africa-based global conservation organisation for the noble gesture of supporting the school.

He pledged to put the support to good use and for the good of Manyara Ranch Primary School students.

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