Mwinyi to grace Kiswahili forum tomorrow

ZANZIBAR President Hussein Mwinyi is tomorrow expected to grace a forum on ‘International/World Kiswahili Services aimed at promoting proper use of the language in the media.

The forum is organised by the Zanzibar Swahili Council (BAKIZA) in collaboration with its Mainland counterpart BAKITA and the Department of Culture Zanzibar- under the Isles Ministry of Information, Youth, Culture and Sports.

BAKIZA Executive Secretary Dr Mwanahija Juma Ali said here on Thursday that, the two-day forum will bring together Kiswahili stakeholders, local and international media outlets using Kiswahili to evaluate the use of the language in the media.

The theme of the conference is “Kiswahili is a communication tool, let’s be confident in using it”.

She informed journalists that after deliberating and participants agreeing on the way forward in applying standard Kiswahili, the forum will be closed by Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa.

“On the opening day, various topics will be presented by experts in Kiswahili language, which has been growing and spreading fast in many countries in the world,” Ms Mwanahija said adding  that other activities in the forum timetable  include  visits  by  journalist  to  various  radio and television stations,” she said.

Other places to be visited by the forum participants include the graveyard of the first President of Zanzibar, the late Abeid Amani Karume at Kisiwandui and ‘Prison Island’.

Elaborating on the importance of the forum in promoting the use of standard Kiswahili in media, the Executive Secretary said the Council has prepared awards for best users of the language which will be presented on day of the forum.

“Many journalists presented their entries from television, radio, newspapers and social networks. The awards will be given to the best work in media with proper use of Kiswahili. Two leaders who are promoting the good use of Kiswahili will also be awarded,” the executive Secretary said.

Commenting on Kiswahili development in Zanzibar, Dr Mwanahija said: “We see improvements in the use of Kiswahili after BAKIZA published Kiswahili dictionaries and distributed them to stakeholders including the media.”

“We have witnessed improper use of the language in the media, we will continue providing education on correct use of the language so that listeners get the standard language,” she said.

Equally, she thanked the task of promoting the proper use of the language so that it becomes sustainable for the benefit of the present and future generations.

Dr Mwanahija encouraged editors and leaders in the media industry to ensure the use of standard Kiswahili and broadcasters, adding that journalists should avoid using unofficial words.

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