Mwinyi stresses peace as Muslims celebrate Eid al Fitr

ZANZIBAR: ZANZIBAR President, Dr Hussein Mwinyi, has called upon Tanzanians to continue upholding peace and tranquility as essential elements in enabling citizens to carry out their various religious practices as well as development activities freely and safely.

The Isles President was speaking at the traditional gathering, Eid Baraza (Council) which was attended by leaders from the government and private institutions and a few residents held at the Police functions hall, Ziwani in the Urban District.

“I would like to call upon my fellow citizens to continue maintaining peace at all costs so that our country can continue to make strides in development. I also ask religious leaders, sheikhs and teachers to continue praying for the country and the leaders so that we may have peace and together God may enable us to cooperate in finding solutions to the various development challenges facing our country, especially in the economy and social services,” Dr Mwinyi said.

He thanked the Almighty God for continuing to give leaders and citizens the ability to implement development plans, including strengthening social services such as education, health and water. In some areas, efforts to complete major clean and safe water projects are in the final stages.

Similarly, the construction of various roads is ongoing, especially in the Zanzibar municipality. Dr Mwinyi directed the Police Force, in collaboration with the Regional and District authorities and all security organs to strengthen security in all areas and to manage road safety so that all the people especially children, can celebrate the festival in peace.

He reminded Muslims to put into practice and advocate all that they learned during Ramadan fasting and the holy Quran which includes good parental care, charity to orphans, people with disabilities and other people in need.

“There is a lot we learned during the fasting. If we put it into practice and promote them our country will be the best place to live for everyone. We also learned about the importance of peace, love and stability, which have helped everyone carry out their activities without fear,” Dr Mwinyi said.

President Mwinyi further called upon the citizens to be patient with the inconveniences caused by the ongoing road construction activities in Zanzibar City. He directed the Zanzibar Water Authority (ZAWA) and Zanzibar Electricity (ZECO) to fully collaborate with construction companies implementing various development projects, to avoid or minimise inconveniences to people due to uncalled-for utility disconnection during work.

“I direct ZAWA, ZECO, and construction companies to work closely during the implementation of the ongoing projects, mainly roads, and in the cause of executing work water pipes and electricity wires are cut, disconnecting people from the supply. If you collaborate you will minimise harm,” Dr Mwinyi said.

People, particularly those living near roads, have been complaining of being disconnected from water and electricity supply, and also leaving construction materials such as debris unattended for long in paths and near residential areas, causing inconveniences.

The end of Ramadan marks the beginning of preparations for the Muslim’s pilgrimage to Mecca, Islam’s fifth pillar and Dr Mwinyi promised that the government through its ‘Wakf and Trust Commission’ will provide all the necessary support to enable Muslims planning to travel for hajj to complete the requirements.

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