Mwinyi reassures compensation to residents paving way for seaport 

AS plans to construct a modern multipurpose seaport at Mangapwani area gain momentum, President Hussein Mwinyi has pledged to compensate all residents who have been affected by the project.

The President visited the site and talked to the residents vacating the area to pave the way for implementation of the project, pledging that the government will compensate for land and properties including houses.

The compensation includes cash and a new house in other locations where about 370 new houses are being completed in the Misufini area where the residents will be relocated.

The new location for the residents also includes construction of commercial shops, a preparatory school, reserve tank for clean water, and sewage infrastructure will be installed for the development in the new residential area.

According to Dr Mwinyi the Mangapwani multipurpose port is a new cargo facility designed to equip Zanzibar with adequate infrastructure to meet the growing demands of trade and cargo passage through the region. The project will involve the construction of berths for liquid bulk goods, containers, fishing vessels, natural gas offshore services and workshop facilities.

During his brief tour, he visited Bumbwini Misufini, Kidanzini shehia and Mwembe-Mdema areas where he confirmed compensation exercise for some of the citizens has already started.

“For all those who deserve compensation, whether for land or properties including destroyed buildings, will be paid,” Dr Mwinyi promised, as he directed leaders in the areas to cooperate with companies  executing the  project.

He expressed his satisfaction with the quality of houses for compensation, being constructed in the areas and that the new houses meet the needs of the beneficiaries particularly with enough space.

The Minister for Infrastructure, Communications and Transport, Dr Khalid Salum Muhamed, said that the suggestions from the residents have been considered during the house construction to avoid complaints.

As regards to compensation, Dr Mohamed said a committee consisting of land experts and lawyers was formed to deal with the issue, to ensure proper value of the land and properties is made.

The Orkun Company from Turkey, undertaking the project, has promised the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar to complete the work as per agreement, which includes quality work.

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