Mwinyi challenges graduates to make difference      

ZANZIBAR: ZANZIBAR President Hussein Mwinyi has challenged lecturers and graduates at higher learning institutions to have an impact on national development.

He demanded them to conduct research and studies that provide workable guidelines and solutions to the various challenges that exist in the country.

“The knowledge and skills that you have acquired in universities should lead the country to development and also provide answers to social and economic problems,” Dr Mwinyi said when he graced the 21st graduation ceremony of the Zanzibar University (ZU) held at its main campus, Tunguu village, Unguja South Region.

He said that higher learning institutions, lecturers and graduates should make a difference by conducting research and studies among their basic responsibilities because the government needs their contribution to spur development.

The president reemphasised education as among priorities in the ruling party CCM election manifesto 2020 – 2025 with the aim of increasing the speed in achieving development goals.

“Therefore, a workforce with good education and knowledge should have an important contribution to development in each sector,” Dr Mwinyi said, adding that the eighth phase government of Zanzibar is more focused on bringing major reforms in the education sector.

He said the government has been working to overcome challenges emerging in the education sector along with improving infrastructure, having modern teaching equipment, laboratories, libraries, computer rooms, toilets and a conducive working environment for teachers.

In addition, President Mwinyi explained about strengthening good relations with both private and public higher learning institutions in the country to promote quality education that will lead to produce best graduates that are employable and can bring changes within their communities.

He commended the universities for producing graduates that are employable in various government institutions and doing good work.

Dr Mwinyi said that the ongoing reforms aim at improving efficiency and accountability. He also asked the higher learning institutions to focus on offering training in fields that are a priority to the country’s economy including the blue economy.

About the progress in the health sector, Dr Mwinyi said the government has also put more efforts in modernising the infrastructure in all government hospitals and reviewing the health policy to improve health service delivery.

The Minister of Education and Vocational Training Zanzibar, Ms Lela Muhammed Mussa advised the ZU to increase the scope in the field sciences, to produce graduates fit to work in medicine and pharmacy, and also a motivation for talented students prepared from pre-schools, primary and secondary levels.

Speaking at the graduation, one of the Deans, Dr Abdul Kadir Othman Hafidh praised the efforts made by President Mwinyi in speeding up the development of the country through the education sector in Zanzibar, especially improving education infrastructures that gives motivation to students to study.

Executive Director, Zanzibar Economic Empowerment Agency (ZEEA) Mr Juma Burhan Mohamed advised the graduates to visit the empowerment offices to learn how they can benefit from the office by finding opportunities at home and abroad.

A total of 994 graduates of the Zanzibar University were awarded certificate, diploma, first degree, and master’s degrees after successful completion of their studies in various fields.

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