Mwanza RC bans motorists from using temporary bridge

MWANZA Regional Commissioner, Adam Malima has ordered for an immediate stop to vehicles passing on a temporary bridge which is meant for facilitating Kigongo-Busisi construction project.

This followed concern from the main project contractor, Engineer Jie Hao of the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC), that some vehicles, mostly government vehicles, were passing on the bridge and causing inconveniences in the ongoing project construction.

Mr Malima directed that the temporary bridge which is used by the contractor as supporting infrastructure for construction of the Kigongo-Busisi Bridge, could only be used during an emergency by ambulances and police vehicles.

“Anyone else who needs to use it in case of an emergency should first seek permission from the Regional Administrative Secretary’s office,” he said.

He however said that the permission will be granted after consultation with the contractor to know whether it is the right time for the vehicle to pass.

According to Mr Malima, the contractor affirmed that over 100 vehicles have been crossing over the temporary bridge on a daily basis, a situation which cripples the construction works.

The RC reiterated that the temporary bridge is part of the construction site, but not a vehicle path.

“No one, including myself, will be allowed to cross this temporary bridge without a reason or permit. The ferries are there, let us make use of them,” he insisted.

The Contractor also complained over the loss of construction materials at the site, where the RC warned that whoever will be caught stealing the materials will face stern legal measures.

The RC said that people should know that theft of construction materials costs not only the contractor, but the government and therefore hinders development to Tanzanians.

According to Mr Malima, consumers of the stolen materials have been identified so far, urging them to stop or risk legal measures.

Mr Hao also informed the RC that based on the fact that most of the building materials are imported, the J.P Magufuli project will be complete by end of 2024, instead of February in 2024.


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