Msimbazi valley residents’ bank accounts undergo verification

DAR ES SALAAM: THE government has embarked on verifying details of bank accounts of residents living along the Msimbazi River Basin, who are required to vacate their areas to pave the way for implementation of the basin development project.

The exercise went in line with verification review of the assets for 167 people who were not satisfied with compensation decided and given.

The verification was conducted in three centres including Drimp Hall – Ilala, Rutihinda Primary School – Kigogo and Mzimuni Primary School – Magomeni.

The Property Matrix Limited is the company in charge of signing compensation contracts and verifying bank statements before making payments to people affected by the project in the areas.

Social Expert in the President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government Tanzania (PO-RALG) Ms Beatrice Mchomvu told ‘Daily News’ that there were 2,592 victims of whom, 2,214 people will undergo verification of their bank details while 167 refused to sign and 211 whose asserts were yet to be verified due to various reasons including not being present when the  exercise was conducted.

Initially, the PO-RALG officer informed them that the forms which they will sign did not contain compensation for the land that is being processed. After the announcement the victims started to complain.

While the exercise continued there were complaints from some of the victims that their money has been reduced, unlike the original estimation and others complained that the compensation filled forms in the land section were empty.

“I have refused to sign their forms since the compensation amount is peanut. I am still not satisfied. I have a large family including my five children and I have lived here for more than 16 years.

Right now, life is difficult. You can’t say that you will get out of here with 16m/- or even 20m/- and be able to find a reasonable place to live.

Personally, I am not satisfied and I will not sign the forms. In this situation they are trying to kill me so that I leave my children and it is better that I die there than being harassed and given such small amount of money, “Ms Amina Shelufumo complained.

Ms Shelufumo said in March her compensation was 11m/- but to date it has increased to 16m/- .

Mr Muhtar Bilaly said they signed the contract although he was not satisfied.

“You can’t compete with the government, I just had to accept it even though what I was given does not worth my property.

I am thinking how I can vacate this area within the six weeks after receiving the compensation. Now I don’t understand if this is true or it’s politics as usual, considering the local government elections are approaching,” said Mr Bilaly.

At Ilala (Drimp Hall -) centre the team managed to verify 250 victims.

The PO-RALG report said the exercises will end in November this year in Kigogo and Hananasif wards where verification will take place at Mapinduzi Kigogo Primary School and the DRIMP Ilala Kota Hall.

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