MSCL executes 12 projects to improve marine transport

THE Marine Services Company Limited (MSCL) is implementing 12 construction and reconstruction projects for the financial year 2022/2023, which will approximately cost a whopping 111.8bn/-.

The company continues to implement crucial strategic projects aiming at promoting the national economy through the marine transportation sector, according to the Managing Director of MSCL, Erick Khamis.

Mr Khamis was speaking in Dodoma on Tuesday, when outlining key priorities that his institution wants implemented in this financial year (2022/23) as well as the achievements that were attained in the last financial year.

“For this financial year, MSCL will implement 12 robust projects that will include four new projects of constructing new ships, five reconstruction projects and three ongoing reconstruction and construction projects,” said Khamis.

He added that seven projects that are expected to cost 53bn/- would be implemented at the infamous Lake Tanganyika and five other projects at a cost of 57.9bn/- would be implemented in Lake Victoria.

The Lake Tanganyika projects include the construction of a new raft capable of carrying 5,000 tonnes that will cost 12bn/-, construction of a new ship capable of carrying 600 passengers and 400 tonnes of cargo which would cost 7bn/- as well as construction of a new cargo ship capable of carrying 3000 tonnes that would cost 12bn/-.

Mr Khamis specified other projects to be implemented in the Lake Tanganyika as the refurbishment of the oil tanker MV-Sangara, reconstruction of MV-Liemba capable of carrying 600 passengers and 200 tonnes of luggage, reconstruction of MV-Mwongozo capable of 800 passengers and 80 tonnes of luggage as well as the reconstruction of a tourism boat, Sea Worrier.

Lake Victoria projects include finishing the construction of MV Mwanza that will cost 24bn/-, reconstruction of MV-Umoja which will cost 11.7bn/-, construction of a new cargo ship capable of carrying 3000 tonnes which will cost 12bn/-, reconstruction of a rescue boat, MV-Ukerewe that will cost 3.1bn/- and the reconstruction of MV Nyangumi, an oil tanker capable of carrying 350 tonnes of oil which will cost 6.8bn/-.

The Managing Director further said that the implementation of the strategic projects would open up the country’s economy by exporting and importing raw materials and products from different countries such as DR-Congo, Rwanda, Zambia, Uganda and Kenya.

“Through these projects, we can easily provide secured, assured and affordable marine transport services hence boost the national economy” he said.

The reconstruction of the tourism boat will also open up and develop tourism opportunities in different areas such as Saanane Island, Burigi Chato and other islands found in great lakes.

“MSCL is implementing the government vision to ensure development of the national economy as well as providing employment opportunities,’’ he said.

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