Mpango calls for provision of up- to -date skills to graduates

VICE-PRESIDENT, Dr Philip Mpango has challenged higher education learning institutions to provide skills that match with the advancement of science and technology as well as the national priorities that focus on building the industrial economy.

He also called for continued efforts by academic institutions to support the agenda on the blue economy that’s among the country’s top agenda for sustainable development.

Dr Mpango made the statement in Mwanza as he was a guest of honor in the 41th graduation of the Open University of Tanzania (OUT) held at Furahisha Grounds in Mwanza.

He also called for all higher education institutions to provide skills that enabled graduates venture into self-employment and be more creative for the betterment of the country.

For effective realisation of the industrial economy and sustainable development, we need to have effective cooperative education institutions that provide proper training,” he said.

He said the government will continue making various efforts in investing in vocational and higher education by improving learning infrastructure.

“This has been done through an increased budget for the education sector every year,” he said, maintaining that there will be proper supervision of all the programs for the country to   benefit from the investments.

He also asked graduates to use effectively their education and skills acquired during their studies.

“In whatever post you will be serving, make sure you demonstrate your skills effectively, be it in the public or private sector; you have to be creative in coming up with solutions   for various challenges,” he added.

He said government efforts in improving learning infrastructures aim at boosting the quality of education and enables more Tanzanians to get access to learn for the sake of acquiring skills in various sectors.

According to him, the government will also connect OUT with the national broadband services to facilitate distance learning modality that is highly used in OUT programmes.

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