More education needed on pesticides use to combat environmental destruction

AGRICULTURE stakeholders in Mwanza Region have called for more education to farmers on how to use some pesticides in controlling plant diseases as well as how to apply fertilizers to avoid environmental impacts.

They made the call recently when speaking to the Daily News in the city, noting that some pesticides contain chemicals that are not friendly to the environment and living organisms.

Some of the suppliers said despite efforts by the Ministry of Agriculture to educate farmers about the importance of using pesticides properly to avoid negative effects, more education is still needed to protect environment.

Director of Relax Farming Services in Mwanza, Mr Sunday Adkin, said environmental conservation is important in agriculture, especially during this time when various parts of the continent face critical food shortage.

He said a farmer can get high yields if he or she has a great understanding of how to use industrial pesticides.

“Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) provides such education, however, we ask for more efforts to combat the challenge because sustainable environment is key,” Mr Adkin said.

He said their Foundation will launch a book that encourages sustainable agriculture, including caution over toxic pesticides on the land, as its effects can be avoided through public awareness.

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