Modern call centre to transform livestock, fishery sector

DODOMA: THE Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), marked a significant milestone with the handing over of equipment for the establishment of a state-of-the-art call centre, dedicated to livestock and fisheries services.

Speaking during the handing over of equipment at the ministry offices in government town Mtumba in Dodoma, FAO Technical Advisor Mr Monday Ahonsi said the equipment highlighted the critical role of the sectors in sustaining human life and supporting livelihoods.

“We at the FAO remain steadfast in our commitment to forging a sustainable, equitable and prosperous future for all. We invited you to lean on our unwavering support,” he said.

He said, that FAO is considered the request from the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries and felt the need for extended support on the establishment of the ministry’s call centre for livestock and fisheries services.

“It is in recognition of these efforts and challenges faced by most livestock keepers and fisherfolks that a need for a call centre by the ministry has been considered,” he said.

The items handed include seven all-in-one desktop computers, a 65-inch display screen and seven noise-cancellation headsets worth 10,728 US dollars (about 26,345,895/-).

“FAO believes that when these items are used as intended, they will positively contribute to addressing the challenge of limited access to livestock and fisheries extension services in the country, promoting increased food security and livelihoods,” Mr Ahonsi said.

The collaboration aims to help the country realise the fullest potential of agriculture to reduce poverty and advance its socioeconomic development objectives, allowing decision-makers to prioritise interventions and identify, as well as mobilise, required investments.

“This is why we must continue to work together, hand in hand – to ensure that there is continued use of digital agricultural services for the greater good of the communities, including pastoral, aquaculture and fishing communities,” Mr Ahonsi said.

Acting Permanent Secretary in the ministry Dr Charles Mhina said the equipment will help to improve communication services to the livestock and fisheries community.

He said the centre will be used by various people on the services provided by the ministry, to receive complaints and challenges they face and the ministry through its experts will provide them with feedback at the same time.

“Information and Communication Technology (ICT) experts will receive complaints from service users including breeders, livestock sellers, and other users, and provide them with solutions to these challenges.”

Dr Mhina said that establishing the centre is part of the ministry’s strategy to improve communication systems, including M-Kilimo, which generally aims to move services closer to the people.

Earlier, an expert in agriculture and digital systems from FAO, Mponda Malozo said that through the support they expect extension services to be accessed more easily by farmers and fishermen who can use their mobile phones to call and get advice on what to do.


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