MNH pledges participatory approach in development endeavours

DAR ES SALAAM: MUHIMBILI National Hospital (MNH) has pledged to continue involving its employees and various stakeholders in its development plans due to their crucial role in executing them.

The Executive Director of MNH, Professor Mohamed Janabi, made the remarks on Thursday during the workers’ council meeting held in Dar es Salaam, which involved the hospital’s staff from MNH Mloganzila and Upanga.

Professor Janabi further stated that the hospital has formed a WhatsApp group consisting of employees, patients, patients’ relatives, and various stakeholders.

He said the group aims to maintain the provision of highly specialised medical services for local and foreign referrals, as well as provide a conducive environment for training and research.

“Through this group, stakeholders have the opportunity to ask questions and seek clarifications about the services provided and the hospital’s plans,” he said.

“The hospital has currently started a WhatsApp group involving staff, patients, patients’ relatives, and various stakeholders as part of its ongoing effort to improve its services,” he added.

Since assuming the position of MNH Executive Director in September 2022, Professor Janabi has already met with staff from every cadre on each of the four campuses.

In these meetings, he has identified and discussed the difficulties they face and found solutions to improve productivity in their workplaces.

Professor Janabi also advised the staff to avoid taking unproductive loans, as they can lead to stress and negatively impact their productivity, occasionally resulting in mental health issues.

Furthermore, he called upon MNH employees to develop a culture of writing a will and stop associating it solely with death. This will help minimise difficulties in the event of an employee’s passing.

He detailed the common challenges that arise when a servant dies without a will, including disputes between family members. By making a will, these disputes can be avoided, as it specifies how the employee’s assets will be distributed and arranged.

“A will can be drafted at any time, and the responsibility is to update it according to any changes that may occur, such as an increase in the number of children and assets,” he elaborated.

Having a will helps an employee in the event of death to avoid losing their possessions because everything is documented.

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