Govt moves to curb water deficit

THE Minister for Water, Mr Juma Aweso has handed over drilling machines to the Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Authority (DAWASA) to expedite drilling of the remaining three water wells under Kigamboni Water Project.

The development comes after Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa instructed the ministry to dispatch machinery and experts from Drilling and Dam Construction Agency (DDCA), to speed up completion of the wells that will improve water supply.

The PM issued the directives after inspecting and launching the Kimbiji water well project in Kigamboni with a capacity to produce 70 million litres per day.

“As an emergency strategy…the completion of these three wells and others will produce additional litres of water to the Kigamboni project, thus reducing water rationing in Dar es Salaam,” the Minister said.

Mr Aweso unveiled that the government is aware of the inconviniences caused, which has been mainly due to prolonged drought that led to the drop of water levels of both Lower and Upper Ruvu Water Treatment Plants.

“At this time when water levels at Ruvu River have significantly dropped, production has also dwindled down to 300 million litres a day, leading to a shortage of 244 million litres on daily basis. However, the additional 70million litres a day from Kigamboni project will help to relieve the situation,” he said.

Similarly, Mr Aweso directed DAWASA to ensure they oversee and adhere to the water rationing schedule depending on availability of water.

The Ministry therefore, instructed DAWASA to collaborate with owners of private water wells to serve the public amid substantial water rationing.

However, the minister stressed on the importance of protecting the environment in general and water sources to avoid such weather changes which have resulted into drought.

The minister allayed fear to the public by saying the government is with them during what he called the transitional period.

He instructed DDCA and DAWASA to work tirelessly day and night while specifically instructing the DDCA to revive the 197 wells that were drilled so that they can be included in the system while again ordering to conduct a survey to drill more water wells.

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