Mining sector to align with national investment plans

DODOMA: THE Ministry of Minerals has set plans to ensure that the mining sector is aligned with national plans in order to have productive utilisation of the country’s resources, particularly in the mining sector.

This was revealed during a brief meeting between the Minister for Minerals, Anthony Mavunde and the Minister of State Presidents Office-Investment and Planning, Prof Kitila Mkumbo held in Dodoma yesterday.

It was emphasised that the collaboration between these two ministries will be strengthened to ensure that the mining sector is included in productive national plans and ultimately contribute to the growth of the mining economy.

Mavunde said that the mining sector will conduct research on minerals in the country through the Geological Survey of Tanzania (GST) in order to attract investors.

“We must obtain accurate information on the minerals available in the country, especially the high-demand and strategic minerals, in order to extract them in large quantities,” he said.

On his part, Prof. Kitila Mkumbo mentioned that the President’s Office responsible for Planning and Investment coordinates and creates favourable and manageable investment environments in public institutions.

He noted that the global demand for strategic minerals should serve as an incentive for Tanzania to utilise that opportunity in creating a favourable economic environment, including discovering new areas for investment.

On her part the Acting Director of Policy and Planning from the Ministry of Minerals, Angel Haule said that among the proposed priorities of the 2024/2025 financial year is to continue conducting geophysical research through high-resolution airborne geophysical surveys and strengthening revenue collection systems and licensing processes.

“We will enhance investment and technology in the mining sector to develop strategic minerals and promote investment, trade, and value addition in the mining industry,” she emphasised.

In addition, the Geological Survey of Tanzania (GST) Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Mussa Budeba, said that the 2030 Vision of the Ministry of Minerals is “Life and Wealth,” which means the mining sector will conduct many research in the country so as to enable small-scale miners to perform their mining activities efficiently.

The meeting was attended by various officials from both ministries, who pledged to collaborate and work together with the aim of creating a friendly investment environment in the country.

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