Manzungu to represent sub-Saharan region at IMCE

Business tycoon Dr Tinashe Manzungu is set for his maiden attendance at the 2nd edition of the Annual International Manufacturing Convention and exhibition (IMCE) following a special invitation from the Federation of Egyptian Industries.

Manzungu, who wears several caps of global business honours, will be representing construction and primary industry business in sub-Saharan Africa during the convention which is scheduled from the 28th to 30th of October,2023 at Al Manara International Conferences and Exhibitions Center in Cairo.

During the convention Manzungu will be partaking in the panel on: Strengthening Cooperation with the Arab, African, Euro Mediterranean, Regional and International Economic Clusters. He will also have engagements in the second session involving bilateral meetings for future partnerships (B2B), and these include the following sector meetings: Engineering, Building Materials industries Sector, Petroleum and Mining, Real Estate Development and Healthcare services.

He described this upcoming convention as an opportunity to learn about business cultures in other parts of Africa and exploring global opportunities.

“It is a significant honour and I am humbled to represent Zimbabwe. It is a great deal in line with my government’s priority pillars towards infrastructure development. This Annual International Manufacturing Convention and exhibition provides a platform for me to learn about latest trends and developments in the other parts of Africa and explore business opportunities,” said Manzungu who is the Co- Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Zimbuild Property Investments and Group Chairman of TM Group. He is also a Board Director for the African Business Council and Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).

He said the convention is a great platform to network with industrial experts from all corners of the world and having it hosted in Egypt is even an added advantage considering Egypt’s primary industrial structures.

“Egypt is one the top African countries leading in infrastructure development, and I believe, to be the best learn from the best. The convention is bringing together industry experts and that is an excellent opportunity to network because it is an investment on its own.”

“Being a representative of not only Zimbabwe but sub-Saharan Africa, I believe my presence at the meeting will fuel enable me to gather the exclusive information that is going to be shared at the convention and that activate a task for me to catalyze and drive industrial development domestically and regionally. I am also looking forward to signature solid agreements to benefit my country as well as the rest of the southern African region,” said Manzungu.
He also noted that there are several potential business collaboration opportunities between Egypt and southern African countries and attending such meeting is a firm foundation for further collaborations.

“Egyptian and Southern Africa construction companies can form joint ventures to bid on and execute construction projects in both regions. This allows the pooling of resources and expertise and gain access to new markets,” he added.

“There is also a possibility of technology transfer to improve on efficiency and execution of projects. We can embark on training and development programs to boost skills for workforce and that must include research and development to bring about new and innovative practices.”

According to the president of the Federation of Egyptian Industries- Mohamed Zaki El-Sewedy, this year’s edition of the IMCE will be focusing on the importance of supporting small entrepreneurships, addressing industrial international challenge and human development, through its effect on local industries in light of Egyptian state strategy.
“Foreign investors and institutions from Arab, African, regional and international, as well as the representatives of diplomatic missions to A.R.E, Egyptian businessmen, and manufacturers will participate,” said El-Sewedy in a statement.

He said the edition will also be graced by the Egyptian President-Abel Fattah El-Sisi.

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